According to a survey report, in the past few years the ratio of students dropping out of college and the students not even applying for college has increased a lot. The problem is highlighted by many educationists around the world and different strategies are planned to work out the solution. Students have thousands of excuses to miss college. Let us have a look at a few excuses here:

1.     No one has ever gone to college from my family. Why should I get into college?

2.    I have studied for so long, since I was three. Why do I have to study more?

3.    You have already spent so much money on me. I will take care of me, on my own! Since I cannot afford college, so I will not even apply for it.

4.    The application procedures and admission essay is not a nut that I can crack. I know I won't even get into it.

5.    I need money to support my living. How can I afford college tuition money?

6.    I am not going to take student loan for college, as how will I return it afterwards?

7.    I need a good job now.

8.    College is not a place for me, it is too hard.

Hundreds of books can be written on the excuses coming from students, who want to quit college. Such lame reasons and high college tuition fee are the cause of degradation in the number of students who drop out from college. Government needs to take such matters into their notice. Students fear the workload that awaits for them in college. Assignments, essays, book reports, custom research proposal, and other writing tasks are another solid reason for reduction the number of college grads.

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