Are you raising a difficult teen who has a tendency to backtalk at you even if you ask them to do the simplest of the tasks. You are tired of your child's act of willful defiance and want to change things around to ensure that your child respects you and doesn't question what they are told not to dot. Your neighbors and friends try to pacify you by arguing that it's just a phase which will pass but you cannot bear the concurrent arguments from your children even another day. You wish to be a parent whose ideas are expressed in a manner that your child understands without challenging your authority. You want to establish a good rapport with your kids who have recently entered college.   


Don't Answer

Backtalk results from the myriad of  frustration mounted in your child's head. It is the reason why he looks out for an escape in form of indulgence in various activities to get his mind distracted from the impending tasks, major exams and the difficult course he can't seem to comprehend. He wants to stay out late, enjoy his time and do absolutely anything which helps him become delusion for a momentary period. Amidst  the stress from college that your child is suffering from, he is further hobbled when he sees the list of the do's and don'ts in front of him. The word "No" comes across as very repulsive and already filled with annoyance, your child will probably confront and question your instruction.     


Encourage them to alleviate their workload

The most salutary advise that we would give you is to sit down and have an heart to heart talk with your child. Discuss what's bothering him at college and what areas does he require assistance in. For instance, if there is a nearing deadline for a lab report and your child is unable to manage for it with gazillion others tasks to manage, buy lab report for him and alleviate his stress. There are high probability that the next time you stop him from going somewhere he won't argue back as he would have been mentally relieved! 

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