The Saga of the world of sport events " FIFA World Cup 2022" staging  in the Royal desert of Arabia State of Qatar. The first Middle Eastern country to host the FIFA World Cup ever , not just FIFA taking a huge gamble but State of Qatar itself playing  a huge calculated gamble of its survival.

Involving billions of dollars to turn upside down in its shape by constructing a new infrastructure to provide world standard,  not just to meet the prerequisites of the event but to facilitate the tourists that FIFA WC will bring to Qatar .

People are skeptical because of the strict  Islamic laws, an area where the State of Qatar has to work more than before to change Western world perception. The game lover gazing their eyes to what shape the event will take place in 2022 which will be in a totally new world they never acquainted before. But one thing is for sure  the heat is on, not just on the game field but in the hearts of football lovers too.

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