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Here are a few tips, to bring in ease and comfort to you:

  • You have to read a book, before writing down a report on it. While reading, keep a pen and a notepad alongside with you so that you can create short notes on the book. Avoid scribing in the book, even if it is yours.
  • First and foremost important step to prepare a book report is the arrangement. You begin with an introduction, then the book summary, characters, Plot, and then at last it is your evaluation and conclusion.
  • The introduction includes the highlights or general idea of the book. In short, what exactly the book is all about?
  • The summary has all the details in a concise form.
  • Characters are to be worked out proficiently. One must explain each character precisely highlighting the nature of the character in simple words.
  • You need not to include every bit of detail in your book as it will resemble the book with few pages torn =). So, you must focus on the sequence of all the main events.
  • Conclusion and evaluation is a very important part of a book report. You must explain precisely that how you felt while reading the book and what you learn from it. What was missing in the book or what it had different in it.

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